Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homeland Security Secretary, Napolitano, Has it Under Control

It's good to know that our government is on top of things after 911. I mean, Janet Napolitano, said in response to the underwear bomber on Christmas, "What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I'd like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here." Doesn't that make you more confident; to know the system worked?

WAIT!! Didn't I just blog about this kid boarding an international flight without a passport! And, who exactly is she referring to when she said, "Everybody played an important role.."? Is she referring to the lawyer they have not yet interviewed regarding the wealthy man seen with the bomber shortly before he boarded? Is she referring to the Dutch filmmaker who put out the fire WITH HIS HANDS or the people who subdued the kid? I'm sorry, I thought we were supposed to stop them from getting on the plane in the first place. It sure raises my confidence in flying. Wow, what has she been smoking!? I think she and Obama should be counting their lucky stars that the whole attempt failed, or we could have, at the very least, a plane full of dead people and the eyes of the entire nation upon them.

To be fair, our Homeland Security Secretary has changed her mind and decided that the system did fail. Therefore, we were warned that stiffer security measures would be in effect at airports across the country and to expect airport security delays. So, my husband and I took that into consideration when we left on Dec. 26th for the San Jose airport for my son's flight back to school. Imagine my dismay to find out, 45 minutes before his plane was to leave the San Jose airport, that he had left his wallet with his driver's license at our cabin 2 hours away. He had no photo id, nothing with his name printed on it, zip.

What happened, you ask? Well, we told the ticket agent that he had no id. He said, no worries, we had two college kids yesterday with the same problem. Just check in with his flight number, and he'll just have extra security questions to answer.

Okay...that's it? No strip search? So, 10 minutes later, our son walks onto a plane with no photo id. Sound familiar? I guess it is done all the time.

Well, I'm sure Janet Napolitano's response was probably due to the Christmas festivities and the spiked eggnog. What was Obama's response? I'm so glad you asked! Associated Press reported on Dec. 28th that "Obama's first briefing with national security and homeland security advisers lasted LESS THAN 15 minutes. His motorcade was rolling toward the gym minutes afterward." That gives me confidence. We need our President to keep up his workouts. Besides, it was Christmas after all. The Associated Press reported that Monday, however, was a different matter, he made sure to address the American people regarding this serious matter AFTER his workout and tennis game with his wife. Of course, he went golfing immediately after his address. I'm sure happy someone is taking this seriously!

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  1. I love your passion Lorianne! I agree with you whole heartedly! ~~ Diane