Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Underwear Bomber Boards Plane with NO Passport

How is it, after 911, that anyone is able to board an international flight without a passport? Epecially planes coming into the U.S. It is unthinkable! According to an eyewitness, that is exactly what happened on flight 254. Apparently, the story is that a Chicago lawyer was waiting with his wife to board flight 254. He saw two people go to the flight counter, a very nicely dressed man with an American accent who looked Indian or Pakistani and a young poorly dressed black kid. It intrigued the lawyer that these two unlikely people were together. The nicely dressed man said that the black man needed to board the plane, but didn't have a passport. The desk clerk said, he couldn't without a passport. Then, the wealthy man said that the kid was from Sudan and it happens all the time. So the ticket agent tells him to go see the manager down the hallway. So, they went down the hallway. Amazingly, the kid ends up on the plane and then on fire, and finally in handcuffs!

The only governmental agency that has interviewed this lawyer is the FBI. The question that the lawyer wants answered is why hasn't the wealthy guy been identified? They have a video of him at the counter. I would think that he's the one we really want, not this kid from Sudan.

What do you think? Read the full interview at the link below.

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn Beck: On board with Flight 253

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